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DGE is your competent partner when for LIEBHERR engines in different power classes. We are also distributing the reliable DGE-LPG + Natural Gas Engines and their components.

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Liebherr Diesel engines carry the label "Made in Switzerland". They are developed and manufactured in Bulle (Switzerland), the headquarters of Liebherr International AG. In the same factory, we are also producing our hydraulic components and pump distributor gears. An application oriented design forms our engines as much as basic solid design. For the engine conception only the best ist good enough for us.

DGE-LPG + Natural Gas Engines

Especially for the industrial gas-powered use DGE has modified 3 Kubota-Diesel engines for LPG / Natural Gas and added them to our product range. These are reliable long-stroke engines and with powerful low-end torque delivery.